We offer a large variety of staple and cover crop seeds and the latest organic inputs.

SmartA­gro’s agron­o­mists have devel­oped a high­ly suc­cess­ful sys­tem which man­ages to decrease pro­duc­tion costs and increase yields with­out rely­ing on chem­i­cals. Soil and plant health go hand in hand, but the lat­est organ­ic inputs clear­ly reduce the risk of crop fail­ure to a min­i­mum. We offer a wide spec­trum of bio prod­ucts, from ben­e­fi­cial cover/relay crops to micro nutri­ents and inputs that increase both plant vital­i­ty and prof­its in agri­cul­tur­al pro­duc­tion, all for the same goal: enhance human health.

Staple crops:

  • soy bean (30 varieties).
  • mung bean (5 varieties).
  • cow pea (10 varieties).
  • rice bean.
  • sweet corn open pol­li­nat­ed vari­eties (9) for human con­sump­tion, yel­low, white, pur­ple, red, black.
  • rice open pol­li­nat­ed vari­eties (180) white, red, black, purple.
  • Job’s tears (4 varieties).

Incredible tastes of vintage sweet corn. Try our heirloom varieties.


Cover crops:

Strate­gic use of cov­er crops is an invest­ment in the land that pays div­i­dends in the form of greater long-term pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and sus­tain­abil­i­ty. With rich poten­tial for a diver­si­ty of appli­ca­tions, cov­er crops fix nitro­gen into the soil, can be used as for­age, are ben­e­fi­cial for cer­tain insects, con­trol ero­sion, add organ­ic mat­ter, con­serve mois­ture, and sup­port the integri­ty of soil and water­shed ecol­o­gy. By grow­ing your own inputs, you econ­o­mize on fer­til­iz­ers, ani­mal feed, and hay mulch, while improv­ing the over­all health of your live­stock, soils, crops, the food you pro­duce and, ulti­mate­ly, the sur­round­ing envi­ron­ment and yourself.

Legumes are a group of plants in the pea fam­i­ly, which includes beans, vetch, clover, and alfal­fa, all of which sup­ply nitro­gen to the soil through rhi­zo­bial bac­te­ria. Plant­i­ng legumes improves soil health, reduces fer­til­iz­er costs, and increas­es yields. Fur­ther ben­e­fits they pro­vide when used as a cov­er crop include ero­sion con­trol, addi­tion of organ­ic mat­ter to the soil, and mois­ture conservation.

Sav­ing costs while increas­ing soil fertility:

Con­tent of micro nutri­ents with­in bio­mass of cov­er crop mix of Sorghum, Sunnhemp, Cow­pea after 70 days:

Above costs refer to Cambodian market prices 2017.

Legumes: Sty­losan­thes guia­nen­sis, Sty­losan­thes cam­pogrande, Cen­trose­ma pas­cuo­rum, Ses­ba­nia sp., Macrop­til­i­um bractea­tum, Macrop­til­i­um artrop­ur­pureum, Pigeon pea, Cro­ta­lar­ia juncea (sunn hemp), Cro­ta­lar­ia ochroloeu­ca, Cro­ta­lar­ia spectabilis, Cro­ta­lar­ia retusa, Cro­ta­lar­ia zanz­ibar­i­ca, Macroty­lo­ma axil­lare, Desmod­i­um oval­i­foli­um, Desmod­i­um intor­tum, Dolichos lablab, Neo­not­o­nia, Calo­pogo­ni­um mucunoides, Arachis repens.

Grass­es: sorghum (30 vari­eties), fin­ger mil­let (4 vari­eties), pearl mil­let (3 vari­eties), Trip­sacum, Pen­nise­tum pur­pureum (ele­phant grass), Brachiaria ruz­izien­sis, B. decum­bens, B. brizan­tha, B. humidi­co­la, B. dic­ty­oneu­ra, Pan­icum max­i­mum, Japan­ese millet

Oth­ers species: Jute, Ama­ranths, Niger, Salvia his­pan­i­ca, radish, sunflower.

An effective perennial: Stylosanthes campogrande


SmartA­gro pro­vides mix­es of cov­er crops, grass­es, legumes and oth­er species to enhance the bio­log­i­cal process­es and to improve the effi­cien­cy of your cop­ping sys­tem. That means improv­ing soil struc­ture through  com­plex root sys­tems, bio­log­i­cal fix­a­tion of nitro­gen, full pro­tec­tion of your top soil against ero­sion and weed control.

Rather than using only one cov­er crop our Smart­Mix­es accel­er­ate the soil fer­til­i­ty restora­tion. Our Smart­Mix­es are designed for dif­fer­ent pur­pos­es and cli­mat­ic soil conditions:

Soil restoration in 90 days through the use of cover crop mixes

Smart­Boost­er is used pri­or to sow­ing your main crop: With­in a short peri­od of only six­ty days this mix pro­duces a diverse bio­mass of up to 10t per ha (dried). The per­fect way to pro­tect your soil and to pro­vide  nutri­ents for your main crops. Simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, the thick mulch on the sur­face sup­press­es weeds and saves you work, time and money.

Smart­Struc­tura­tor is based on a mix of dense tap- and fibrous roots grow­ing up to 1m deep in 60 days. The Struc­tura­tor’s strong roots improve the soil struc­ture, increase oxy­gen flow and improve water bal­ance in the field. The com­bined effect of roots and high bio­mass above ground con­tribute to the regen­er­a­tive soil build­ing effect. Up to 15t/ha dried bio­mass intro­duced to the soil.

The Structurator

Smar­tOr­chard is a mix of creep­ing peren­ni­al legumes con­trol­ling weeds and pro­vid­ing nitro­gen for free.

SmartRub­ber and Smart­Pep­per are mix­es of peren­ni­al legumes that cater to the spe­cif­ic require­ments of each crop­ping sys­tem and involve a diver­si­ty of plants.

SmartN com­pris­es of a mix of legumes and grass­es that fix a high amount of organ­ic nitro­gen (no leach­ing). Good weed control.

SmartP con­sists of a mix rich in legumes that make avail­able high amounts of phosphorus.

SmartK is a per­fect mix for cas­sa­va and oth­er tuber pro­duc­tion. High amounts of potas­si­um are recy­cled with­in the bio­mass. In addi­tion, this mix works as a bio her­bi­cide and will save costs through its allelo­path­ic effect inhibit­ing ger­mi­na­tion of weeds.

All mix­es ful­fill a wide range of func­tions, but each one is designed to solve a spe­cif­ic constraint.


Com­bined with CA tech­niques of no-till, cov­er and relay crops, crop rota­tion and diver­si­fi­ca­tion, our inputs will be all farm­ers need in order to suc­cess­ful­ly pro­tect crops from man­age­able haz­ards such as nutri­ent defi­cien­cies, pests, dis­eases, mild to medi­um droughts and floods. At the same time the food grown this way will con­tain more nutrients.

More­over, SmartA­gro offers chem­i­cal-free preser­v­a­tive agents for processed or unprocessed (organ­ic) food that will extend the shelf-life of any prod­uct, whether liq­uid, fruit/vegetable, meat or processed. This way, it is final­ly pos­si­ble to make organ­ic food last longer.

All of our inputs are organ­i­cal­ly certified.

 NATURAL GROWTH: A nat­ur­al “broad-spec­trum” foliage plant aid with an appli­ca­tion rate of 9kg / ha. Stim­u­lates the plant’s metab­o­lism and pro­motes cell for­ma­tion and flow­er­ing. Opti­mizes nutri­ent uptake, boosts plant growth, resilience against fun­gi and insects. Cre­ates a healthy rela­tion­ship between root growth and shoot growth, which increas­es resis­tance to stress by drought or flood. Par­tic­u­lar­ly in fruit and veg­etable pro­duc­tion bet­ter-shaped fruit is pro­duced with bet­ter aro­mas and high­er nutri­ent con­tent. Increas­es yields and saves costs. 
Down­load prod­uct pre­sen­ta­tion here.


  BIO HUM: is a humic acid rich in acti­vat­ed organ­ic mat­ter that increas­es the fer­til­i­ty of plants and soils. Bio­Hum recov­ers plants in stress (drought and flood) and phys­i­o­log­i­cal dis­or­ders caused by pes­ti­cides. Bio­Hum pro­motes the nat­ur­al for­ma­tion of amino acids and gen­er­ates high­er nutri­ent con­tent in crops. It is the best tool to con­trol soil deple­tion and dis­eases such as nema­todes, Fusar­i­um, etc. Bio­Hum can hold mass 20 times its size and is very good for nutri­ent and water reten­tion in the soil and high­ly effec­tive against drought. Bio­Hum even improves com­pact­ed soils. Bio­Hum is the best food for both healthy plants and healthy soils.

 BIO FULL:  is a unique for­mu­la of a foliar ful­vic acid fer­til­iz­er that acts direct­ly on the plant’s metab­o­lism. Stim­u­lates cell divi­sion and plant growth. Increas­es chloro­phyll biosyn­the­sis, drought tol­er­ance and yield. Bio­Full detox­i­fies pol­lu­tants (pes­ti­cides, her­bi­cides, etc.) and elim­i­nates oxy­gen free rad­i­cals by act­ing as an antiox­i­dant. Bio­Full enables the imme­di­ate absorp­tion of her­bi­cides, fungi­cides, etc., and works as pro­tec­tion against loss­es due to rain. This way Bio­Full reduces the use of chem­i­cals by up to 50% and replaces min­er­al adhe­sives, orange oil, adju­vants –all in one prod­uct. Bio­Full is also an excel­lent tool for heal­ing phy­to­tox­i­c­i­ty in plants.

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